Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ditto Eva's post

We love you too ma!! Anyone have any fun or embarrassing pictures we could post? Aunt Cheryl? Any kid pics?

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Happy birthday Momma Jo! Scott and I wish we could be there to party with you. Thank you for being the best Mom in the whole world and putting up with me my whole life. I love you so much!! Hope you have a fun birthday and Dale gives you something awesome for making you work on your big day.
I love you Momma Jo!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Anya and Nathan

A couple of weeks ago I was babysitting both Nathan (Smokie's son) and Anya and we put them side by side. They weren't sure of each other at all. Today they did better, but check out their expressions - I wonder if they are afraid of each others' cooties or something.

Kynwynn's home!!

We went and moved Kynwynn back to mom's just before Thanksgiving. That was a verrrrry long trip. Here's some pics. We are super excited to have Kynwynn and Jordan close again. We have missed you guys!!

These next two pictures are pretty indicative of how we felt at the end of each day.

TJ and Jordan

Kynwynn and Dad (I don't think he was looking at her bum, I think he was looking somewhere else)

Jordy stuck in the car seat again.

I figured out how to get Jordy to not cry in the car: lots of gummy worms!

Dad and Brooksie hadn't ever been to Mt Rainier, so we took a quick drive after packing one day. However, we got a little lost and ended up on a different side of the mountain where the roads were all closed because of snow. They didn't know what they were missing so they enjoyed it anyway. There's dad checking out the foliage.