Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is the first time i have ever done anything bloggish. hopefully it works. Today me and mom are canning apples. Kenya and Sammy love to turn the pealer corer slicer thingy. There so Cute! For every box of apples we get done someone brings us another one. DONT BRING US ANYMORE! Mom also wants to make some green tomatoe relish. (I will probably be here all night)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meg's pictures from the Fling

Here are some random but fun photos from the fling!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Letter from Mike

I was asking Kynwynn about Mike and she must have told him because we got an email from him today. I thought you might like it:

Hey there Sara and TJ and Lyssa!
I just wanted to drop an email and tell you all that i am doing fine! Iraq is hot and dry, but we are starting to get into there rainy season! I cant really talk about what im doing over here, but its not very fun, and i sweat alot while im doing it.
Tell lyssa that i appriciate her prayers and concerns, and that i pray for you all too!
I miss you all very much and think about you too much.
Love you all


I successfully confused people!!! I, Sari, am soooo good at that. Aunt Cheryl asked whose blog is this anyway? Good question! I am hoping that this blog will have two purposes: one, to pull all Allen Haroldsen info together for Mama Jo and two, that Majo with start blogging herself. I hope that when she sees how easy it is (hopefully, she is reading this) she'll do it on her own. "Mom, blogging is fun!" I was hoping, too, that since all the siblings are moving away with Kynwynn in Washington and Brooks and Eva are going to end up who knows where, that we'll be able to use this to check up on each other. (Kynwynn, post some info from Mike!) So, I guess that its a family blog that I hope MaJo is in charge of. Hmmmm - I hope I got that right. And I hope that mom doesn't say she's too busy to do it (mom's classic but true line). I know, I'm weird, but I thought it would be fun because I am addicted to blogging and Mom's far away kids miss her and would like to hear from her and see pics and just general Mama Jo life. It may not fly, but we are going to try it or I will harrass everyone to death until Mom actually blogs something. Feel free to shoot me any other questions. No offense taken. It's my mamajo/blogging experiment. Mwa ha ha ha!!! I better lay off the caffeine. Hmm, I should probably change the name to reflect the mission of the blog, eh? Make it more MamaJo's blog? Any suggestions? Anyone have any good pictures of mom?

Sam vs. Sasha

We went to the fall fling at Momma Jo's house as well. The drive to Idaho Falls with Sasha was a lot better than the ride home. We stopped at Sarah and TJ's on the way home and Alyssa got her all rialed up. She would not hold still!!! It was driving Scott crazy!! I thought it was pretty funny though because I was concenctrating on driving and he was yelling at her the whole time to sit down.
I thought the trip was a complete success because Sasha only knocked down 1 kid the whole time and she only peed on the floor once! Hopefully Sam will continue to be Sasha's match!! He thinks that she's a pony instead of a puppy! They had to pull him off her a couple of times. Way to go Sammy!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pictures from the fall fling

We had our annual fall fling with games and a chili cookoff and gingerbread and funnel cakes. We took pictures of all the kids and had a great, noisy time together.
Eva and Scott

Nicole and Ben's family (Parker and Madisyn)







Brooks' kids

Brooks and Megan's family

Calling all siblings and in-laws!

Okay guys, so I had another one of my BRILLIANT ideas that usually flop later. We are going to start a blog for the parents. Woo hoo! This will combine all our family stuff together and it will be awesome. Cool? Too bad if you don't think so because I do and I'm the boss. I'll start off and post the pictures from the fall fling.