Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sasha and Kenya

So I was able to spend some time in Idaho Falls last week and I brought my 100 pound puppy with me. One day I jokingly told Kenya to go walk her for me because I was being lazy. She immediatley jumped up and started putting her shoes on to do it. She was so excited about doing it that I couldn't bring myself to tell her I was joking. So we took the dogs for a walk together. I was very hesitant to have Kenya walk Sasha because I didn't know how Sasha would handle it. I was just waiting for her to take off running with Kenya trailing behind. Things actually worked out perfectly though!! Sasha let Kenya walk her and didn't pull once. I told Kenya that she was the boss and not Sasha and to not let Sasha lead her wherever she wanted too. We got a lot of funny looks from people passing in their cars while we were walking. I am so proud of Kenya for being the boss and doing an awesome job walking the dog.


Cheryl said...

Wow! That's amazing! Way to go, Kenya~!!

Melinda said...

Cute! And I'm impressed at Sasha; I didn't have many dogs as a kid that didn't yank me around, and she's a beast anyway. Great dog!