Sunday, October 12, 2008

Calling all siblings and in-laws!

Okay guys, so I had another one of my BRILLIANT ideas that usually flop later. We are going to start a blog for the parents. Woo hoo! This will combine all our family stuff together and it will be awesome. Cool? Too bad if you don't think so because I do and I'm the boss. I'll start off and post the pictures from the fall fling.


Cheryl said...

So, I'm confused. Is this Jo's blog or the kids blog? I would really love to see her get off the couch and get blogging!! ;p)

I love all of the pictures! It is fun seeing the kids looking so cute!!

Lots of love to all!!

evamarie said...

Hey!! Why is it that everyone has cute pictures except me and Scott?! Were our pictures that bad?! I like the blog idea. Are you making sure that Mom makes a profile?