Monday, October 13, 2008

Sam vs. Sasha

We went to the fall fling at Momma Jo's house as well. The drive to Idaho Falls with Sasha was a lot better than the ride home. We stopped at Sarah and TJ's on the way home and Alyssa got her all rialed up. She would not hold still!!! It was driving Scott crazy!! I thought it was pretty funny though because I was concenctrating on driving and he was yelling at her the whole time to sit down.
I thought the trip was a complete success because Sasha only knocked down 1 kid the whole time and she only peed on the floor once! Hopefully Sam will continue to be Sasha's match!! He thinks that she's a pony instead of a puppy! They had to pull him off her a couple of times. Way to go Sammy!!!!!

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Mabeys said...

I am so excited that you were able to post stuff!!