Monday, October 13, 2008


I successfully confused people!!! I, Sari, am soooo good at that. Aunt Cheryl asked whose blog is this anyway? Good question! I am hoping that this blog will have two purposes: one, to pull all Allen Haroldsen info together for Mama Jo and two, that Majo with start blogging herself. I hope that when she sees how easy it is (hopefully, she is reading this) she'll do it on her own. "Mom, blogging is fun!" I was hoping, too, that since all the siblings are moving away with Kynwynn in Washington and Brooks and Eva are going to end up who knows where, that we'll be able to use this to check up on each other. (Kynwynn, post some info from Mike!) So, I guess that its a family blog that I hope MaJo is in charge of. Hmmmm - I hope I got that right. And I hope that mom doesn't say she's too busy to do it (mom's classic but true line). I know, I'm weird, but I thought it would be fun because I am addicted to blogging and Mom's far away kids miss her and would like to hear from her and see pics and just general Mama Jo life. It may not fly, but we are going to try it or I will harrass everyone to death until Mom actually blogs something. Feel free to shoot me any other questions. No offense taken. It's my mamajo/blogging experiment. Mwa ha ha ha!!! I better lay off the caffeine. Hmm, I should probably change the name to reflect the mission of the blog, eh? Make it more MamaJo's blog? Any suggestions? Anyone have any good pictures of mom?

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Cheryl said...

Thanks, Sari! I think it is a great idea!! I'll work on your mom!!